Listing Questions


What kind of questions should I ask a potential REALTOR® about listing my property?

Can the REALTOR® that helps me list my house represent me when I buy my next one?
In most cases, the answer is yes. Ask your REALTOR® to explain the concept of agency and how it works in your province. Be sure to ask what limitations, if any, your representation will have.

What happens when my listing REALTOR® is not available?
REALTORS® work extremely long hours and try to be available whenever and wherever you need them. But you should ask your prospective REALTOR® what arrangements he or she has in place when they can't meet with you.

What would you tell a buyer considering my home?
A good REALTOR® will quickly spot your home's best features and tell you the best way to showcase them. Be sure you're comfortable with the way your house will be presented.

What do you think is the key to selling a home: advertising, Internet exposure, or promotion to other REALTORS®?
Since the success of the listing REALTOR®'s marketing plan will be based on how to attract prospective buyers, be sure you understand and agree with the approach.

What sold the last three properties you listed?
REALTORS® should be able to explain how they have sold properties in the past, and how these experiences can influence your sale.

What advice would you give a buyer considering my home?
Do you want top dollar for your home, or as many offers as quickly as possible? Make sure you know and agree with the way your home will be framed for buyers and their selling REALTORS®.

What distinguishes your personal service from other REALTORS®?
The number one complaint from both homebuyers and sellers is that REALTORS® don't return their phone calls. Listen carefully when prospective REALTORS® describe their communication skills.

You've spoken to several Realtors, and it's time to make a choice. Think about what they told you, and ask yourself:
-  Did they seem trustworthy and honest?
-  Were they realistic when discussing your home purchase?
-  Did they communicate well? Were you on the same page?
-  Were they committed, motivated, and experienced?