What Kind of Homeowner Are You?


Take the quiz and find out your personalized tips for preparing your home for sale.

After finishing your dinner do you:
a. Leave everything on the table and come back to clean up later.
b. Take the dishes off the table, put away the leftovers and pile the dishes in the sink or dishwasher for later.
c. Clean the table, put away the leftovers and wash the dishes right away.

Your home office has a desk that is:
a. Covered with papers, receipts and random objects. 
b. A pile of stacks.  There is enough free space to do your work and you can still find what you’re looking for.
c. Clean and neat.  Everything has its place and papers are filed right away.

You’ve just finished your laundry, do you:
a. Leave the clothes in a pile on a chair.  It’s easier to find them later this way.
b. Fold and put the clothes in any drawer with available space.
c. Fold and put away your clothes in their appropriate drawers.

In your household you have:
a. A dog or cat that is allowed indoors.
b. A smoker who often/always smokes indoors.
c. None of the above.

How do you accessorize your home?
a. I like to display personal mementos, souvenirs and family photos around my home.
b. I love decorative accessories and like to feature eclectic ethnic artifacts and antique items around my home.
c. I prefer clean and tidy surfaces and display few decorative or personal items around the house.

Which of the following best describes your home?
a. My home is eclectic and fun with bright colours and accessories throughout.
b. My home is traditional with warm paint colours and lots of dark wood.
c. My home is in a modern and simple style with neutral colours and few accessories.

Spring has arrived, and your yard is in need of some maintenance, do you:
a. Rake the yard and generally get rid of debris.
b. Clean the yard of debris and mow the lawn.
c. Clean the yard of debris, mow the lawn, clear the weeds, apply fertilizer and plant new flowers.

Which best describes your home:
a. I haven’t had the time to properly decorate most of my home and a couple of the smaller rooms are used only for storage.  Some minor repairs are still waiting to be done around the house.
b. The main areas of my home are decorated and furnished but I never got around to properly decorating and furnishing the basement or guestroom.  Some minor repairs are still waiting to be fixed around the house.
c. I have taken the time to properly furnish and decorate every room.  I have also undertaken several renovation projects throughout the years. 

Give yourself a score of 1 for every “a”, a score of 3 for every “b”, and a score of 5 for every “c” answer.

If your score is between 8 and 16, you need to roll up your sleeves and get working to prepare your home for sale.  Based on your responses, your home will need deep cleaning and de-cluttering before showings start

Deep clean your home making sure each room and surface is spotless.  Make sure to remember your appliances and windows too.

Get rid of the clutter to allow buyers to properly see your home.  Pack away unnecessary items and make sure counters and tables are free of appliances and personal items. If any rooms are used for storage alone, pack away the items and properly furnish the rooms.  Don’t leave them empty as buyers will have a hard time visualizing living in a space without any furniture.

Put away collectibles and family photos to help de-personalize your home.  Buyers will be able to imagine themselves in your space better without your personal items around. 

Although your fun sense of décor and colour may suit your personality, go neutral for the sale.  Adding a fresh coat of neutral paint and getting rid of unusual accessories will ensure that your home appeals to a larger pool of buyers. 

If pets or a smoker reside in your home, remember that you probably won’t notice the smell if you’re around them all the time.  Have a trusted friend give you an honest opinion and deep clean to get rid of the odour.

And lastly, don’t forget curb appeal.  First impressions count, and buyers begin to form an opinion as soon as they pull into your driveway.  Keep your yard neat and tidy with your lawn and shrubs trimmed, and flower beds weeded.  Store away your children’s toys and garbage bins and give the exterior of your home a good wash or a fresh coat of paint.

If your score is between 17 and 32, there are a few easy steps you can take to make your home more appealing to buyers.

Clean your home from top to bottom, making sure you pay special attention to kitchens and bathrooms.  Make sure to de-clutter and reorganize your home.  Remove any excess furniture to enhance the feel of openness and space.  Storage space is a top priority for buyers, so clean and organize your closets and storage areas.  Get rid of anything you don’t need and make sure your closets are not overflowing with items.

Brighten and lighten up your home with a fresh coat of neutral coloured paint.  Soft neutrals such as pale yellows and grays can give a house a nice sophisticated look that appeals to most buyers. 

Store away your eclectic accessories and create more room on your counters and tabletops.  Your unique items may be an expression of your personality, but they might also make it hard for buyers to visualize themselves in the space.

And last but not least, fix that leaky faucet and any other minor repairs that you’ve been neglecting around the house.

If your score is between 33 and 40, your home is in top shape and will only need a little bit of work to bring in that sale.

One great way to stimulate buyers’ imaginations is to set the scene.  Put fresh flowers on the mantle and set the dining room table for a formal dinner.  If it’s a cold day, light a fire in the fireplace.  Look at your home through the buyers’ eyes and create an atmosphere that will help them envision themselves living there.

To further enhance your home’s curb appeal, spruce up your flower beds with new flowers and ground cover to give the home additional touches of colour.